wigglynoodle (wigglynoodle) wrote in twilight_ones,

Shh, I'm afraid of the dark. I can't sleep at night because the shadows are staring at me. Last week I felt a slap and I was pushed further inside my covers (I'd covered my head in fear).

"It's all in my head" times infinity.
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bah, I know that feeling...
your room is haunted.

Then there are the nights where the shadows all close in on you...
I swear their faces are right next to mine. Weird crap.

get it pitch black somehow! no shadows there

that or just start yawning... you know how yawning is contagious... it's contagious to yourself too! or just force yourself to something very boring.
or just force yourself to something very boring

I haven't yet resorted to watching late-night tv. I might get there. =/