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i don't quite know why i'm posting this here, but it is 3am so i suppose it makes sense...

insomnia rages on, half because of my shiny new PowerBook and half because i'm reconsidering my choice of college. one more year in the suburbs seems tolerable, but i don't think i'll feel this way come next october. i definitely chose my current school because of "practical" concerns like academic reputation and size of the libraries, mostly because i was planning on attending law school when 'twas decision time. now that i'm quite firmly committed to studying the arts, going anywhere but bennington seems foolish.

lack of sleep, lack of food, and indecisiveness = bad combination.
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October 14 2005, 15:02:48 UTC 12 years ago

someone at my current school transferred out of bennington, but she said people who are involved in the arts do really well there and it's got a great program.

good luck in whatever you decide.